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General Chiropractic Council Registration
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Gill benefited from Jenny Hadland’s vast experience in treating horses and dogs using manipulation and electrotherapy. This allowed Gill to consolidate her manipulation techniques and add electrotherapy to her methods. Therefore she now often uses laser and HWave therapy to enhance and facilitate the chiropractic manipulation.

Gill is also trained to carry out treatment of horses under sedation as developed by Jenny Hadland. This is particularly recommended when there is a significant limitation in the range of movement in the cervical area (neck), but can also be useful when the back has become so tight and in spasm, that it would necessitate a very long course of treatment to make significant progress.

This treatment involves arranging for your vet to sedate the horse. As this is a more specialist and time consuming treatment, the cost is greater than that of a ‘normal’ treatment. However, normally less treatments are necessary (very often one is sufficient) and the effect is often longer lasting. Gill will advise you if she feels this therapy would be appropriate for your horse and why.

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