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Spinal misalignment in horses can result in abnormal nerve function, which can manifest itself via poor or decreased athletic performance, behavioural problems, gait problems or lameness.

Such problems may go undiagnosed or not be corrected by more traditional treatments but may respond to chiropractic care.

Symptoms of possible problems that may require chiropractic therapy include:

  • Uneasy/abnormal posture while standing
  • Uneven muscle tone
  • Discomfort when grooming the back
  • Sore areas along the back and spine, being cold backed
  • Unusual sensitivity to touch, hollowing the back and evading contact
  • Reluctance or discomfort while being saddled or mounted
  • Unlevelness or unevenness of steps
  • Tail carried to one side
  • Stiffness on one rein or a disunited canter
  • Reluctance to jump or other unexplained deterioration in performance
  • Uncharacteristic behaviour patterns or changes of temperament
  • Lameness after a fall when alternative causes have been ruled out by a vet